Dr. Clarice Fluitt is an internationally recognized motivational speaker who brings inspiration and insight delivered with wisdom and humor. She is always imparting joy and life to listeners. Dr. Fluitt has successfully trained and mentored leaders across the globe for the past 40 years. She is a time proven prophet with laser like accuracy. Reports of amazing miracles, healings with positive life changing evidence continually follow Dr. Fluitt’s ministry. Dr. Clarice’s life is a remarkable chronicle of hilarious real life stories, tragic trials, testings, and moving visitations of the Lord. Unpretentious and friendly, she is a much sought after minister, conference speaker, mentor, and Transformational Leadership Coach.

She is President and Founder of Clarice Fluitt Ministries (C.F.M.) and is also CEO of The Gennao Group International which is a platform for Transformational Leadership Coaching. Dr. Fluitt is an accomplished businesswoman and entrepreneur with a history in real estate development.

Along with her husband Apostle George Fluitt, she is Co-Founder and Co-Pastor of the Eagle’s Nest World Prayer and Training Center. Dr. Fluitt has established churches and mentoring schools nationally and internationally, proclaiming the Word, power, and love of God.