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This Partnership is designed with you in mind. We value our partners as we recognize that without your prayers and faithful giving we would not be able to do the work of the ministry in touching lives and helping people all over the world.

We are asking you to pray about becoming a “Choose to be Different Team Partner.” We believe that God is calling many people to work together with us in His plan to preach this gospel around the world.

As you share your heart, prayers and resources in partnership with this ministry, we pray and believe that you will partake of the revelation, anointing, healing, victory and prosperity that is upon this ministry.

Partnership Benefits
Exclusive access to video teachings.
A monthly letter from Dr. Clarice Fluitt.
A monthly MP3 download by Dr. Clarice Fluitt.
A 15% discount on all ministry resources.
An initial welcome packet gift.
Regular prayer from this ministry for your success and victory.
Most importantly, you will be sowing into and connecting to an anointing that has proven to produce harvests.
We are inviting you to join this pioneer Choose to be Different Team by signing up as a monthly financial partner with a pledge of $50.00 per month.

When you partner with Clarice Fluitt Ministries, you have actively participated in and will share in an increase of destiny anointing and an astounding Kingdom dominion harvest. Our ministry is growing, our vision is expanding, and our mission is ignited and excited. We warmly invite you to Choose to be Different and become a part of our team for these very different and magnificent times!

All donations are tax deductible and will be receipted at year end. Requests for changes to partner information or donations may take up to 10 business days to process.

Your partner gift can be automatically withdrawn each month for Clarice Fluitt Ministries.
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Dr Clarice Fluitt

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