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During the April 15-17, 2011, Lighthouse Mentoring School, Reverend Smith shared about a recurring dream that he had been experiencing. Reverend Phillip Smith has been a friend of DRs George and Clarice Fluitt for about 25 years and has served as an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher. He is a highly sought out national and international conference speaker and has hosted his own weekly television program for the past 14 years. He deals with the revelation of Kingdom finances.

He reported that this recurring dream was so clear it imparted to him an incredible faith building unction. The message in the dream was concerning a fresh outpouring of the Spirit of God, a worldwide display of divine intervention, and a fourth great awakening of apostolic reformation. The dream revealed that one of God’s plans is to release 7000 hidden prophets that would in turn release another 7000 and on and on. This event would create a domino like effect to release a flood of divine intervention and prophetic vision. The amazing instructions that continued in the dream dramatically involve you and Clarice Fluitt Ministries!

Reverend Smith related that in his prophetic dream he saw me laying hands on and imparting a portion of the anointing upon me to 7000 men and women. In return, the 7000 would quickly multiply in power and prophetic unction. Each of these would sow a $1000 annual seed to partner with me and help me complete my mission and assignments on this side of Glory.

He then shared the story of Elijah and Elisha and how, when Elijah departed, his prophetic anointing (mantle) fell upon his faithful disciple, Elisha. Elisha received the double anointing and worked twice the miracles of Elijah. Please read II Kings 2:1-15. In verse one we learn an important principle of covenant. Elijah and Elisha started from Gilgal, the place of cutting. We must all start at the place of covenant before any anointing is released. The number 1000 means spiritual maturity and divine completion. All the patriarchs gave 1000 burnt offerings to enter into covenant with God. In verse 2 we learn that Elijah went to Bethel, the “House of God,” but Elisha would not leave him. Those who complete their spiritual journey will receive the greatest anointing. Because we are New Testament saints, we are partakers of a better covenant that affords us the anointing without measure.

Reverend Smith was so inspired by this recurring dream that he and a friend of his who is also in full time ministry rushed to our home and wanted to be the first to partner with me and each planted their $1000 seed to receive this new anointing. Incredible reports of increase in prophetic power, finances, and revelation have already been reported in the lives of those who have united in this vision!

As I enter my 71st year, I am passionately compelled to impart to others what God has deposited within me. For the past 40 years (a generation), the Lord has faithfully increased and proven the prophetic anointing and revelatory giftings in my life. Over the past 10 years I have been deeply motivated to download and release the knowledge and wisdom within me to the next generation. The purpose for establishing the Life Coaching and Mentoring programs, World Changers Group, The Gennao Group, The Eagle’s Nest Church, and Clarice Fluitt Ministries is to create a platform that establishes a legacy for training and equipping those of like mind and conviction to personally proclaim that the Kingdom of God has come …… in me!

If you desire to be a prophetic ministry partner and share in this vision, you may use the donate button below entitled “Prophetic Partners” I encourage you to take the steps necessary to multiply the power and prophetic unction in your life. Your part in all of this is to be faithful in your vow to God. Once you have given your gift, or at least a good faith portion of it, God is positioned to faithfully release His anointing to you. If you have already sown your $1000 or are taking steps in that direction, I am very interested in hearing of your testimony of multiplication. I believe as we partner together, we will strengthen and accelerate the corporate anointing that is resident within a corporate people who have united their faith for the purpose of the Kingdom of God.

As we continue down this path of partnership, and as you honor a vow of commitment to support this ministry, I also vow to continue to bring the message of the Kingdom of God to every tongue, tribe, and nation that God calls me to. Our ambitious agenda positions us and those we partner with to advance God’s Kingdom, proclaim His word, and impart to the world the covenant message of full measure and unprecedented Glory!

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